How to successfully apply ultrasonic technology to industrial measurement challenges

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Originally Recorded: 
February 25, 2021

Speakers: Donald P. Massa, Co-Founder, President and CTO
                  Dawn F. Massa Stancavish, CIO and COO
                  Massa Products Corporation

Moderator: Keith Larson, Editor-in-Chief, Control

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Takeaways from this webinar:

Electroacoustic, or ultrasonic, sensors are a key technology for measuring liquid and solid levels in tanks as well as flow rates through open-channel meters. They're among the most cost-effective -- and commonly used -- solutions around, but must be applied thoughtfully to achieve their highest potential. In this Control webinar, you'll hear from subject matter experts at Massa Products, a company with a 75-year history in applying electroacoustic technology in a variety of industries. You'll learn how to effectively apply existing ultrasonic technologies to level and flow challenges as well as how new developments continue to redefine where this technology can be successfully applied.

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Meet the Presenters:

Don Massa, MASSA Products Corp.Donald P. Massa
Co-Founder, President and CTO
Massa Products Corporation

Don Massa is 2nd Generation at Massa. He is both an Engineer and a Businessman. He is also the co-founder of Massa Products Corporation in its present configuration. He has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and served on their Board of Trustees for a decade. He is recognized as a leader in the field of Electroacoustics, and was trained by Frank Massa, his father, who is also known as the Father of Modern Sonar Transducers.” He has written many papers and has been awarded numerous patents, but most importantly he has developed hundreds of designs that have led to production and has advanced the business. Although most of Massa’s business is in B2B and Military Products, a notable invention of Don’s that most people would recognize is the Automatic Bowling Scoring System, which Massa manufactured and sold to AMF for over a decade. He has also followed in his father’s footsteps to advance the field of Electroacoustics and has expanded the company beyond transducer design and fabrication to include the innovation and production of electroacoustic electronic systems. He presently serves as President and CTO of Massa Products Corporation, and holds a seat as Chairman of the Board.


Dawn F. Massa StancavishDawn F. Massa Stancavish, MASSA Products Corp.
Massa Products Corporation

Dawn Massa Stancavish is 3rd Generation at Massa. She is both the Chief Innovation Officer and the Chief Operating Officer, and holds a seat on the Board of Directors. Her talents are in Business Strategy, and she serves to develop the business both internally and externally. She is responsible for increasing the amount of new product sales at Massa and encouraging customers and partners alike to be proud to sport the MassaSonic® Brand for co-branded developments. She is in charge of all New Product Development, Innovation, Marketing and Sales, and is the liaison
between the needs of the industrial/consumer world and the technical capabilities of Massa. She is also responsible for preserving and sharing the family values, traditions, and culture at the company and with her own family. This year, Massa celebrates its 75th Anniversary in business. Dawn is a published writer and artist. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology from Fairleigh Dickenson University with a focus on Systems Dynamics, has a Certificate in Finance from Harvard Business School, and is a U.S. Patent holder. Dawn is the mother of two wonderful boys, and is engaged in the community to bring science, innovation and career awareness to students in Middle School through College. She serves on the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC) for NOAA, and the Board of Trustees, Overseers’ Leadership Council & Governance Committee for the South Shore Conservatory. She also works closely in partnership with Northeastern University in Boston to bring in new COOP students to Massa.


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