Keep Your Control Electronics Cabinets Cool, Clean and Operational

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Originally Recorded:
April 29th, 2020

Sponsored by: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Speaker(s): Bryan Muzyka, Manager, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., Scott Garner, VP, Industrial Products, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Moderator:  Keith Larson, Editor in Chief, Control


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Electronics Integrators are continuously working to find solutions that keep electronics below max operating temperature. Keeping environmental debris such as water, dust and humidity out of these systems is often a challenge, but necessary for optimal performance. Functional requirements are driving innovative electronics to higher power densities, necessitating the increased usage of power electronics control devices, like Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Transformers, and Power Supplies, which are giving off more and more waste heat. These control cabinets are also being placed in dusty industrial settings and harsh outdoor environments. The combination of these real-world requirements leads to a need for higher thermal performance and fully sealed cooling technologies.

This webinar will review technologies specifically designed to maintain a NEMA/IP rated seal while providing a high level of cooling.

Key takeaways for this webinar include:

  • Thermal principles to consider when developing your cooling strategy
  • Product options and engineering selection tools to properly down select
  • Practical examples

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Meet the presenters


Bryan Muzyka
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Bryan graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University and Master in Business Administration & Engineering degree from Lehigh University. He worked as Research and Development Engineer for ACT's Aerospace Products Group before taking on his current business development role. Bryan is currently Sales Manager for ACT's Defense Aerospace and Custom Products Group, responsible for product and technology sales across numerous industries. Bryan has firsthand experience designing, analyzing, integrating and working with customers to optimize solutions involving heat pipes, phase change material, liquid cold plates and pumped two-phase cooling. Outside of work Bryan enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. 


Scott Garner
VP, Industrial Products
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Scott Garner is Vice President and Manager of the Industrial Products group at Advanced Cooling Technologies. He has 30 plus years’ experience in the field of heat transfer and thermal management. His experience includes both engineering and management in technology development, product development and sales and marketing. He is an inventor on 14 patents and has written a variety of technical publications and chaired and co-chaired numerous sessions on thermal management for a variety of professional conferences.


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