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Business Outlook Buoyant in Era of Transformation
Digitalization is bringing a wave of new technologies and a search for justification, which is not new. But this time, it's not only technology, it's about the organization, people, processes and collaboration. Learn why Mike Trane is bullish on the automation business.
Multiple Industries Experiencing Major Growth
Multiple industries are experiencing significant growth waves that manufacturers can harness with digital transformation strategies that create value, allow for scalable investment and focus on people. Watch now.
Roadmap Needed for Digital Transformation
“We can imagine an ideal world, a digital nirvana with no injuries, no downtime, optimized production and leading sustainability with a digitally transformed workforce,” said Emerson’s Peter Zornio. Get started with your Digital Transformation Roadmap.
Eastman Focuses on Project Management for Continued Success
Eastman Chemical Company has proven that it knows how to complete successful projects, but success is not the end of the line. Leveraging new project management techniques, Eastman drove for even better results on recent projects - and succeeded. Learn how Project Certainty drives successful projects.
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Digital Twin Bridges Plant Design to Operations
Mimic HYSYS Link, the first offering to come from the alliance between Emerson and AspenTech, is a new integration technology that will make digital twins more efficient and practical across a plant's lifecycle. Here's how HYSYS and Mimic work together.
Put the IT and OT in Your IIoT
On Tuesday evening, digital transformation was the topic of discussion for a panel of industry experts ranging from Chevron to Microsoft. They all agreed that for digital transformation, technology is the easy part. Here's why IT/OT collaboration is what needs to be the focus.
Digitally Transform Turnarounds for Shorter, More Predictable Outages
Turnarounds typically comprise 73% of a plant's total downtime, but 25% exceed their budgets and 50% run over their schedules. "It's all about doing the right work on the right assets at the right time." Make your turnarounds more efficient and predictable.
Automation, Services Drive Enhanced Offerings
Emerson’s increased focus on automation technologies and investment in service resources positions the company to serve a diverse set of manufacturing customers throughout the world with enhanced offerings and support. Watch now.