Learn what makes Dean Kamen tick in this exclusive live report from Rockwell Automation TechED.
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Learn what makes Dean Kamen tick in this exclusive live report from Rockwell Automation TechED. Also, Sujeet Chand reveals how disruptive technologies are accelerating The Connected Enterprise. And manufacturers of products ranging from tomato sauce to airplane parts report on their Connected Enterprise journeys.

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Disruptive tech and The Connected Enterprise

Sujeet Chand, chief technology officer, Rockwell Automation, details how the company’s control and information architecture is designed to liberate longstanding silos of information, as well as incorporate and build upon new, disruptive technologies as they arise. 

FIRST movement about more than robots

Dean Kamen, the force behind the Segway, the insulin pump, the DARPA arm and Slingshot water purifier—and lauded as one of America's greatest inventors—explores the impact of his FIRST initiative. “We need more technologists and a louder voice in the culture, and FIRST helps,” Kamen said.

Safer heat treating for aerospace manufacturer

A risky thermal process in a faraway location successfully came together for O’Brien & Gere and the integrator’s global aerospace client—with a generous dose of high-performance technology with Rockwell Automation. Bill Klick, O&G integration lead, explains the details of the project.

VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Hillshire Brands Mobilizes Manufacturing Analytics

To meet new USDA food safety requirements and cut waste, Hillshire Brands, owned by Tyson Foods, deployed mobile FactoryTalk VantagePoint enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software from Rockwell Automation. Managers on the floor or offsite experts are able to monitor production in the palm of their hand for improved decision making. Watch it now »

Re-skilled workers bring the Industrial IoT to life

As more devices are connected, manufacturers are experiencing a deficit in skilled workers able to maintain plant floor equipment. Workers are simply not able to keep up with the growth of the IoT. With more devices coming on the network, the skills gap will continue to widen.

A technological approach to a classic sauce

Owensboro, Kentucky-based Mizkan Americas is happy to report that its Ragu sauce-production process is decidedly more modern, thanks to upgrading to FactoryTalk Batch software, implementing a virtualized server and standardizing kitchens on the new software.

Plan for integration in MES

Khris Kammer, information partner and competency manager, Rockwell Automation, discusses the value of fit-for-purpose software applications, which allow users to begin connecting their plant floor and enterprise systems for a fraction of the cost of an entire MES.

Partner Spotlight : Industrial IP Advantage

Industrial IP Advantage, founded by Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation, advocates for a common IP-centric network infrastructure that allows for improved productivity and operational efficiency with seamless communication between devices, processes, systems and people. The coalition recently launched network design eLearning courses to help support IT and OT professionals deploy a secure, holistic, IoT-ready digital-communications fabric. Learn more »

Inside Teched

TS06 - Introduction to Virtualization for Manufacturing Environments » Learn the key considerations and how Rockwell Automation templates can simplify the transition

TS09 - The Benefits of IoT in Manufacturing » Learn the implications of the Internet of Things and The Connected Enterprise.

SY01 - High Performance Architecture: Introduction and Demonstration »

IN01 - Introduction to Information Software in The Connected Enterprise »

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