Why cybersecurity incidents are being overlooked
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Cybersecurity risks and new technological innovations

Hi Control reader, our weekly Buzz newsletters brings you the top 5 most read items on our site. This week we talked about the increasing number of overlooked cybersecurity incidents, tech innovations introduced at Honeywell User Group Americas 2015, fieldbus optimizing network circuits and protocols, getting the most out of at-line and off-line analyzers and new, sophisticated ways hackers use to attack SCADA systems.

Popular and flexible 800 series pressure instruments
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SORSOR Inc. introduces QuickShip for the most in demand 800 series products to meet urgent needs when there is unforeseen downtime. With QuickShip, products will leave the SOR Lenexa, Kansas, factory within two business days with the same built-to-order quality of every SOR instrument shipped. Learn more at sorinc.com/quickship.
Industrial control system (ICS) cyber incidents are not being identified or reported – despite survey results to the contrary
A survey done by Tripwire asked how long it would take to detect a breach. According to survey results, 86% of energy security professionals believe they can detect a breach in less than a week, and 61% believe they can detect a critical system breach in less than 24 hours. However, this high level of confidence is questionable when other reports indicate quite different results. Read more.
Demo room awash in innovations at HUG 2015
If you couldn't attend the Honeywell User Group Americas 2015, don't worry. Our Executive Editor Jim Montague was at the event and has all the details. Read this report and learn about the latest technology innovations introduced during this year's conference.
Fieldbus plays the field
Low-power networking circuits and protocols are the glue allowing process applications to communicate and optimize. Here are some of the components they run on and enable.
Essentials of safety instrumented systems
This Control Essentials Guide is one of our continuing series of interactive PDFs by the editors of Control. Essentials of Safety Instrumented Systems is designed to provide process industry professionals with an up-to-date, top-level understanding of the most important SIS issues. From fundamental concepts and terminology to the ongoing debate over integrated vs. standalone safety systems, get up to speed quickly on the key technology and marketplace drivers. Download now.
Batch and continuous control with at-line and off-line analyzers tips
What if you could use at-line analyzers and even off-line analyzers for control of batch and continuous processes without the need to retune the PID despite long and variable cycle times? Here is a simple solution and some guidance on how to get the most out of this opportunity.
3 ways SCADA system attacks are becoming more sophisticated
According to a new report, cyber attacks on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems doubled last year. They've also increased 600% since 2012. Twenty-five percent of all cyber incidents last year were a specific type of attack that can flood SCADA systems and shut down mechanical devices, potentially disrupting physical operations. These attacks are expected to worsen over the next few years. Hackers with ties to foreign governments and organized crime are playing a major role in the growing cyber threat and these are the three ways their attacks are becoming more sophisticated.
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