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Information technology (IT) experts' know-how is becoming more crucial to users in process control/automation and other operations technology (OT) disciplines as industries are increasingly overrun by the Internet and its Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT). Buzzwords aside, as soon as software, microprocessors and wired/wireless Ethernet touched the plant floor, it
was inevitable the Internet would support and take over from fieldbuses and their protocols—just as they previously supported and took over from hardwiring. The only question now is how make it simple, effective and secure in process applications, as well as the HMI/SCADA, MES, ERP, cloud-computing and other functions that serve them.

Also in this issue are feature articles about cybersecurity and field networks, as well as the latest valve products. 

Find all this and more in the June 2019 issue of Control.