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Every house needs a solid foundation. In the case of the Open Process Automation Forum's (OPAF) quest for interoperable, plug-and-play networking and process controls, this means defining common requirements, securing participating members, gaining consensus, and testing to achieve compliance with its Open-Process Automation Standard (O-PAS).    
Beyond expanding to 133 members during the past year, OPAF and the Open Group also took the major step of publishing their preliminary O-PAS, Version 1.0. This five-part document addresses emerging technologies, and though changes are likely to be incorporated before it's published as a full Open Group standard, OPAF reports it's focused on meeting minimum standard and specification requirements for process automation systems, and providing an open, vendor-neutral reference architecture for building scalable, reliable, interoperable and secure systems.
Also in this issues are feature articles about today's modern historians and how to specify a control valve.
Find all of this and more in the March issue of Control